Things that have never moved, are now moving.


Over the past century, people have started to learn tolerance for each others' differences, and although some may feel we have reached a destination, there is still much ground to be taken, and in fact most of the ground to be taken is still hidden to us.

As|UR is a source of momentum in our evolution of self-love. We are empowering confidence in a natural body image and the beauty of body hair through commercial quality imagery and intelligent, meaningful content.



An overly-simple solution for an over-complicated world.


Everywhere you look, you can find disempowerment; behind a keyboard it is easy to slight others, even children disempower each other in ritualistic schoolyard taunting. Companies add to confusion by selling solutions in a pill or in a box, but these solutions are only for symptoms of the underlying lack or need. 

What would true confidence in your body image provide?

As|UR is the source for controversial, meaningful and in-depth discussion that will transform people's perception of themselves, and for the first time, learn to love things they used to hate. 



Body Image


We have so many unique features that its hard to think of a way to love every one of them - or is it? We delve into body image issues from skin tone to body hair and share how people come to love themselves.


Frame of Mind

IgNORE the devil on your shoulder

Sometimes people get stuck. Sometimes people feel trapped. Sometimes people just give up. We discuss how to get back on your proverbial feet, how to detox your mind and push for higher heights than you ever thought possible.


Healthy Body

self-love starts at home

More than just how you feel about yourself in your mind, how your body feels about itself - your physical health and well-being is vitally important to self-acceptance.  We discuss how anyone can make improvements in your physical health and well being, including nutrition.  

Building Consensus

The world is a lie, until it isn't

Everywhere in the world people are starting to speak out for self-acceptance. Each time that happens, the lie that you believed which robbed you of self-confidence in a particular area, begins to break apart. We explore and share movements and statements on self-love made the world over.

The Visual Project.


We are producing imagery that will shatter social norms, and give women a new reality of self-confidence. The As|UR collection is designed to empower women with the possibility that they can be beautiful, just as they are, even with all fuzzy forearms they wish they never had, or whatever that is analogous to in every woman's life. 

There is a community around the world that is standing up for a woman's right to have her body her way, hair or no hair, and not the way that society tells her it needs to be, and As|UR is one place that this community looks to.  This is a community from every corner of the planet that transcends political, racial, generational and religious boundaries. To this end we seek out models of self-confidence from all around the world.

It is time to be confident about our bodies, as they are - and tell the world our bodies are perfectly normal, and perfectly welcome.  Our Visual Project celebrates would-be flaws in a light of beauty as we seek to generate imagery with models who embody confidence in natural, normal, beautiful features that are not found in traditional commercial imagery. Through each photoshoot, we actively change the self-perception of our subjects, and those around them.

In 2016 we will take As|UR on tour and reach out to models with body image seminar and photoshoot series occurring in the United States, Canada, Spain, France and Italy. 

Currently the visual project is available in Toronto Canada, Philadelphia USA and Mexico City Mexico. Contact us to book a shoot with one of our photographers.