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Natural. Beautiful. Confident. 

Yep, women have armhair. Surprise!  But in today's society, you wouldn't know it. Everyone thinks that armhair needs to be removed; "its just unsightly", "I don't like hair", "its ugly". 

Bloggers hate on celebrities for it, children tease young girls about it, and companies make profit off of it selling the solution.  

What if the solution was just to be pleased with oneself - as you are?  

No need to shave your forearms to avoid feeling ugly.  Don't need to wax before you go on vacation.  No more being smooth on that first date. 

Its time to challenge the social norms that seem to take away our freedom to love ourselves. Its time to be confident about having hairy arms. 

That is why this website exists. To empower women with the possibility that they can be beautiful, even with all fuzzy forearms they wish they never had, thanks to the community around the world that is standing up for a woman's right to have her body her way, and not the way that "society" tells her it needs to be. 

This website is a stand for every woman who has armhair to feel beautiful and confident about her natural body image.  Created by a community of people literally from every corner of the planet who want women with hairy arms to know they are beautiful as they are, this website promotes only models who have armhair. 

For 11 years, a collection of forward thinking photographers has been promoting self-confidence among women with hairy arms using elegant and non-sexually charged photography, and since have connected with a community of supporters that transcends political, racial, generational and religious boundaries.